Trophies Are Earned ; Part 2

Trophies Are Earned ; Part 2

In this second part of the report we’ll see the roll call of those juniors who earned their trophy by their season’s effort. It is difficult to persuade the coaches to make these choices as many of their charges┬áhave brought dedication and determination to the sessions, but we hope that those who didn’t collect a prize this time will come back next season with renewed enthusiasm and feel that a prize is within reach this time!

Here are this season’s choices:


Surfer of the summer, Amber Kearey

Most committed surfer, Blossom Burdett

Most improved surfer, Milo Kirk-Mackrell


Surfer of the summer, Ravi Simmons

Most committed surfer, Sydney and Cody Warner

Most improved surfer, Benjamin Olney


Surfer of the summer, Kaitlyn Borghi

Most committed surfer, Milly-Rose Nichols

Most improved surfer, Evie Stattkus

Sea Bass

Surfer of the summer, Alexander Hosking

Most committed surfer, Thai Merrill

Most improved surfer, Bradley Beach


Surfer of the summer, Chanaelle Aberos

Most committed surfer, Kieran Stattkus

Most improved surfer, Kaya Stattkus

Of course, there’s a real sense that every child who has enjoyed her surfing and is keenly anticipating the next session is a winner. Finding a passion for a sport is a great feeling, and I hope we are introducing more than a few of our juniors to a lifelong association with surfing.

I’ll conclude by thanking those whose help and support made the day go so smoothly: St. Ives Surf School, RNLI Lifeguards, Jabula Tents, Porthmeor Beach Services, Carl and the Take-away crew and our own members who judged, coached and marshalled the event. Jayce Robinson came down to present the trophies – and it’s always a great inspiration to the kids to spend time with our local pros!

More pics!

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