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The Very Memorable Swell Board Shootout 2013!

A wacky foam board party organised by Rhythm and St. Ives Surf School went off in Cornwall a while back. Despite the lineup carnage, it was reportedly the most fun Cornish beachies have seen in a long ass while and a fair bit of coin was raised in support of Surfers Against Sewage.

Latest News & Events

  • Summer Sizzle

    Summer Sizzle
    Here’s a date for the diary! We are holding a BBQ at the clubhouse for all members and their families on Sunday 14th of ...
  • Low and Slow

    Low and Slow
    Another 8.30 start on Saturday and the gentlest of waves to welcome us to Porthmeor. I’d characterise conditions as ‘low and slow’ and eminently ...
  • School’s Out!

    School’s Out!
    With the school books tucked away in the cupboard for the summer our young chargers came together on Saturday morning for an 8.30 start ...
  • A Sweet Summer Saturday

    A Sweet Summer Saturday
    Our first session of July and a hot cloudless day brought just the gentlest of waves for our Saturday morning. The keenness of our ...
  • Coming on

    Coming on
    Second session and we are finding our groove. A hassle-free check-in and off down the beach in good time for an hour-long surf. It’s ...
  • Here we go – here we go – here we go!

    Here we go – here we go – here we go!
    First session of a new season. Heavy surf, lots of rippy water moving and a cross-shore wind. Coach Navin posted an advisory that tiny ...