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Sorry for the punnish headline! Easter Sunday’s jolly little fundraiser on behalf of The Wave Project and saints boardriders deserved better! Young minds turned to thoughts of eggs on the day, and not just the chocolate variety. First up was the contest to present the best-decorated egg and there were some imaginative offerings on show. Hard-boiled, glazed, glittered, face-painted – the choice of designs was broad. After some agonised deliberation, judge Abbie McCartney awarded the prize to a topical surfing egg.

    The Judging.

Contestants were then led to the start line for the great egg race down the slipway. The benefit of having the hard-boiled egg becoming abundantly clear! The competitors chased behind their free-rolling eggs as they careered down to the beach giving a nudge and a poke to keep the egg on track.

Ready – Get Set!








                            And then came the third element of the day – The Egg Hunt. Buried in the sand were twenty four plastic eggs, each containing prize sweets for the finder. Into the compound went our keen egg hunters and the search was on.

This is what you are looking for!

It proved to be quite a task to recover all the eggs as each unsuccessful scrape possibly buried the hidden treasure just that little bit deeper! Of course, children don’t easily tire when the prize is free sweets so the hunt was pretty intense until everyone had had a fair few mini-eggs. Then, as on beaches everywhere, when the child’s interest waned the parents were only too willing to get digging!

Eager beavers!

I’ve got one Katy! 





Bring grown-ups to the beach and they dig!

It was a really fun morning for children and adults alike. Many thanks to Katy Spencer of The Wave Project for some cracking entertainment ( Oooh! There it goes again!).