The End Of Term

The End Of Term

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 The last day of September and the last day of term for the Kids Club. The morning followed the usual awards day format with the youngest groups completing a normal session while the older ones competed for a prize under international judging rules. Here’s some of the action:

Porthmeor Beach takeaway served up a complimentary dish of hot food, a hot chocolate and a bag of sweets for each competitor before we gathered for the prize giving. The junior groups saw three awards per group: Most Improved Surfer, Most Enthusiastic Surfer and Surfer Of The Summer, while the seniors’ awards went to the winners of the day’s competition. Pictures below! Our thanks to Porthmeor Beach, St. Ives Surf School, Porthmeor RNLI Lifeguards and the many volunteers who give their time freely at every surf club event. Further thanks are due to Tregenna Castle and The Balcony Bar for their sponsorship and support. We have boogied to Sandy Acres Seven and The Mosquitoes on fundraising nights, and rattled our collecting tins at Tescos in following our grand vision of building a clubhouse. Our thanks to them too! Next up is our Surfers Ball at Tregenna Castle on the 20th of October. Tickets are still available, but they’re going fast. Buy early to avoid disappointment. And so to the awards;

Swellboard Shootout 2017: In Conclusion

Swellboard Shootout 2017: In Conclusion

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So, it only remains to thank everyone who helped make this extravaganza happen! Harris and the crew of St. Ives Surf School are both the brains and the heavy lifting behind the event. Friday evening came courtesy of Porthmeor Beach West’s fish tacos, Frankie Davies and Ben Warner. Saturday’s show was hosted by Cohort Hostel, films by Red Bull and curries by Ruby Murrays. Sunday was organised by St. Ives Surf School, lifeguarded by the RNLI, marshalled by Pete Mitchell, fed by Captain Carlos of Porthmeor Beach Takeaway, entertained by the music of the Red Bull truck and filmed by Senara of On The Beach Productions. See Here!

Proceeds raised over the weekend will go to Surfers Against Sewage, the RNLI and saints boardriders clubhouse fund.

Many many thanks to each and everyone of the above for bringing about another great edition of the Swellboard Shootout. Let’s do it again next year! Here’s a miscellany of portraits from Sunday. Cheers!

Swellboard Shootout 2017: part 4 – The After Party

Swellboard Shootout 2017: part 4 – The After Party

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And so to the Balcony for the prize-giving and the partying! First up, Dom Ferris of Surfers Against Sewage gave a rallying speech reminding us of the great work his organisation does on behalf of all of us who use and value our oceans. Then The Giraffes were awarded first prize for their artfully realised costumes. The judges were impressed by the craft element and home-made endeavour in their choice – a pointer to next years entrants that store-bought is short of the mark. Next, an award for outstanding surfer of the day, taken, to popular acclaim, by Mike Lay. His longboard prowess transferred very well to the lengthy rides that a swellboard can offer and we were treated to a masterclass all day long. Finally, the St. Ives Surf School Circus Team collected the winners trophy for their success in the grand final. A strong costume element and a bag-of-tricks surfing element brought the trophy home to Porthmeor again. We were delighted to have the Sandy Acres Seven on stage to bring the evening to a climax, and the crowd had filled the dance floor to capacity before the first number was half way through! Watermelon Man, into Nothing But A Houseparty then Osibisa’s anthemic Sunshine Day and the joint was jumpin’. Great times as always to see out another Swellboard Shootout weekend.


Swellboard Shootout: part 3. Surfing

Swellboard Shootout: part 3. Surfing

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Once it came to the surfing, each team carried its fancy dress score into every heat. The quality of surfing was variable, to say the least – there were several very game non-surfers entered into the event as well as a few with national and international recognition in the shortboard and longboard ranks! The twenty or so teams were whittled down to a four team final through the rounds, and by then it was surfing skill that would win it.

Here’s a gallery of what happened!

Still to come: the After-Party and a portrait gallery.

Swellboard Shootout 2017

Swellboard Shootout 2017

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Last Sunday saw the seventh annual Swellboard Shootout surf competition organised by St. Ives Surf School on Porthmeor Beach. The event raises funds for Surfers Against Sewage, and this year saints boardriders were honoured to be co-beneficiaries with them of the funds raised over the weekend. Indeed, Sunday was only the culmination of a three day extravaganza which commenced at Porthmeor Beach West on Friday night with an evening of fish tacos, beer and music from Frankie Davies and Ben Warner. Saturday evening saw the open-air film show and curry night at Cohort Hostel, before the teams gathered on Porthmeor Beach on Sunday morning dressed to impress and ready to lay down some swelly-riding magic in the quest to lift the coveted trophy.

A single blog cannot do justice to such an epic day, so this is just the first instalment of a multi-part, cut out and keep pictorial memento of the day’s action. Our banner picture features our august panel of judges in their lofty, secluded majesty.And now we meet the teams:

Coming next : The parade.




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Sorry for the punnish headline! Easter Sunday’s jolly little fundraiser on behalf of The Wave Project and saints boardriders deserved better! Young minds turned to thoughts of eggs on the day, and not just the chocolate variety. First up was the contest to present the best-decorated egg and there were some imaginative offerings on show. Hard-boiled, glazed, glittered, face-painted – the choice of designs was broad. After some agonised deliberation, judge Abbie McCartney awarded the prize to a topical surfing egg.

    The Judging.

Contestants were then led to the start line for the great egg race down the slipway. The benefit of having the hard-boiled egg becoming abundantly clear! The competitors chased behind their free-rolling eggs as they careered down to the beach giving a nudge and a poke to keep the egg on track.

Ready – Get Set!








                            And then came the third element of the day – The Egg Hunt. Buried in the sand were twenty four plastic eggs, each containing prize sweets for the finder. Into the compound went our keen egg hunters and the search was on.

This is what you are looking for!

It proved to be quite a task to recover all the eggs as each unsuccessful scrape possibly buried the hidden treasure just that little bit deeper! Of course, children don’t easily tire when the prize is free sweets so the hunt was pretty intense until everyone had had a fair few mini-eggs. Then, as on beaches everywhere, when the child’s interest waned the parents were only too willing to get digging!

Eager beavers!

I’ve got one Katy! 





Bring grown-ups to the beach and they dig!

It was a really fun morning for children and adults alike. Many thanks to Katy Spencer of The Wave Project for some cracking entertainment ( Oooh! There it goes again!).

British Nationals 2016

British Nationals 2016

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Perranporth hosted the British National Surfing Championships last weekend and some very contestable surf enabled a high standard of surfing to be seen. There was a hectic schedule, with two peaks in operation all weekend to get through the programme and find champions in fifteen divisions.

All our St. Ives surfers were still in contention going into finals day. We lost our first competitor when Taylor Bairds was edged into third place in the Under-14 Boys quarter final.

Taylor bows out in the quarters.

And that was our only loss as we reached the finals! First up was Eleanor Hewlett in the Under-12 Girls. Finishing in fourth place in her first shot at the nationals, this was a very creditable performance!

Eleanor, first left on the podium

Eleanor, first left on the podium

Our next finalist was a new recruit to saints boardriders, Luke Jannaway in the Mens Masters ( 35 and over). In a hotly contested heat, Luke earned fourth place, crowning a good weekend’s surfing.

Luke first left.

Luke first left.

Next up among the saints boardriders team was Harry De Roth in the Under-18 Boys. Harry has won several National titles as he has moved up through the age groups, and this was his last shot as a junior before moving into the Mens Open bracket. This time he had to settle for second place as Croyde’s Will Bailey took the honours in a keenly anticipated final.

Harry, second left.

Harry, second left.

So there remained only Jayce Robinson in the Mens Open if there was to be a British title coming back to St. Ives this year. And it looked very much on as Jayce found the left-handers to his liking, showing his flowing backhand style and taking the fight to his fellow finalists. His efforts were thwarted at the very end of the contest as Bude’s Jobe Harris, home from his European QS campaign, found a buzzer-beater in the dying seconds to claim his first mens title. It was a great final to cap a great weekend of competition, and our banner picture shows Jayce, second left, within reach of the trophy which was so nearly his!

Well done to all our competitors – it’s been a fine show by everyone!


Trophies Are Earned ; Part 2

Trophies Are Earned ; Part 2

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In this second part of the report we’ll see the roll call of those juniors who earned their trophy by their season’s effort. It is difficult to persuade the coaches to make these choices as many of their charges have brought dedication and determination to the sessions, but we hope that those who didn’t collect a prize this time will come back next season with renewed enthusiasm and feel that a prize is within reach this time!

Here are this season’s choices:


Surfer of the summer, Amber Kearey

Most committed surfer, Blossom Burdett

Most improved surfer, Milo Kirk-Mackrell


Surfer of the summer, Ravi Simmons

Most committed surfer, Sydney and Cody Warner

Most improved surfer, Benjamin Olney


Surfer of the summer, Kaitlyn Borghi

Most committed surfer, Milly-Rose Nichols

Most improved surfer, Evie Stattkus

Sea Bass

Surfer of the summer, Alexander Hosking

Most committed surfer, Thai Merrill

Most improved surfer, Bradley Beach


Surfer of the summer, Chanaelle Aberos

Most committed surfer, Kieran Stattkus

Most improved surfer, Kaya Stattkus

Of course, there’s a real sense that every child who has enjoyed her surfing and is keenly anticipating the next session is a winner. Finding a passion for a sport is a great feeling, and I hope we are introducing more than a few of our juniors to a lifelong association with surfing.

I’ll conclude by thanking those whose help and support made the day go so smoothly: St. Ives Surf School, RNLI Lifeguards, Jabula Tents, Porthmeor Beach Services, Carl and the Take-away crew and our own members who judged, coached and marshalled the event. Jayce Robinson came down to present the trophies – and it’s always a great inspiration to the kids to spend time with our local pros!

More pics!

Trophies Are Earned : Part One

Trophies Are Earned : Part One

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Jabula came and pitched a fine big tent, St. Ives Surf School unpacked a box of shining trophies, and the new contest vests got their first airing as the final day of our 2016 season arrived.

Prizes all!


The running order was boys heats to the completion of their semis, then junior groups in the water with coaches and helpers for their last session and assessments, followed by girls final and then the boys final. The early rounds were keenly contested in chunky surf at the West end of the beach, watched by an enthusiastic crowd!

Judges and spectators find a good viewing spot.

Judges and spectators find a good viewing spot.

Once the semis were completed the group sessions got underway and we saw some confident surfing from some very junior surfers. Their delight in showing their skills was great to see! As they got out of their wetsuits and dried off, we had a great display of fast food catering from Carl at Porthmeor Central takeaway as boxes of hot food and ice lollies arrived to tame any hunger pangs the surfing had prompted.

Mmmm! Just the job.

Mmmm! Just the job.

Meanwhile, the girls finalists battled it out, and then the boys had their shot at glory. The results were saved for the presentation and came in reverse order as follows:

Girls final

Fourth; Eleanor Hewlett

Third; Kaitlyn Borghi

Second; Tara Langley

And the winner was Bridgit Wells.

Well done to all our finalists and congratulations Bridgit!


Boys final

Fourth; Dev Parsons

Third; Bailey Rogers

Second; Matthew Burrell

And the winner was Taylor Bairds

A cracking final with Taylor finding the win this year after several second places in recent years!

Finalists; Taylor, Dev, Bailey, Matt, Kaitlyn, Eleanor, Tara and Bridget

Finalists; Taylor, Dev, Bailey, Matt, Kaitlyn, Eleanor, Tara and Bridget

Part Two of the contest day report to follow with a full round-up of prize winners and more pics as available. Meanwhile here’s a taster of the awards ceremony. Back soon!

Our youngest winners

Our youngest winners!

British Interclubs 2016

British Interclubs 2016

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There were some notable absentees from our final Saturday session of the season. Saints boardriders decided to dip it’s toes in the waters of competitive surfing and entered a team into the 2016 edition of the Interclubs competition, held at Fistral Beach Newquay over the weekend.

Our Junior team was Joshua Martindale, Taylor Bairds, Dev Parsons and Harry de Roth.

Our Open team was Steve Hewlett, Simon Trebilcock, Harry de Roth, Joshua Martindale and Taylor Bairds.

We did not have a ladies team, something to aim for next year!

The junior team was a maximum of 4 surfers, with the mens open being a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6. Each surfer would surf 1 heat per day in each division entered.

The heats were in a 4 man format with first place scoring 10 points, second place scoring 8 points, 3rd place scoring 6 points and 4th place scoring 4 points. The total of all scores was then added up with the highest scoring team winning.

Day 1 saw a good size swell running with fairly strong NW Wind making tricky conditions. The Juniors took to the water first with Josh up in the first heat against some seasoned competitors to take 4th place, followed by Taylor for another 4th, then it was Harry to get our first 1st place of the day, Dev then surfed well to get a 3rd.

Taylor opened up for us in the mens to get a well earned 2nd, Steve Hewlett a 3rd, Josh a 4th, Simon a 3rd and Harry another 1st!

Day 2 was a lot smaller in the waist to chest high region with light onshores. Juniors were first in the water with what was probably the weakest conditions of the day on a dropping tide. Results were Taylor & Dev 4th, Josh a 3rd and Harry a 1st!

The mens open was on after lunch at low tide and a slightly increased swell. Harry and Simon were both up first and both got 1st’s, Steve got a 2nd, Josh 4th and Taylor 3rd.

Overall we came mid placed amongst the other clubs. Newquay A were the strongest and won the Open and the overall competition, made up of points in all divisions.

All the members of our team put in great performances and had a great weekend. It gave some of us our first ever taste of national competition surfing. We are looking forward to building on this and getting more members involved next year!